Playlist 15 - Fran Hard Mod Vol.2


Tracklist 15 / 25 Under Radar Hits


 Compilado por Fran Hard Mod

1.Phil Wainman / Going, Goin, Gone (UK)
2.Walham Green / Sorry Mr. Green (UK)
3.Dana Gillespie / You Just Gotta Know my Mind (UK)
4.Lysett / It´s the Little Things (HOL)
5.Ola & The Janglers / We´ve Got a Groovey Thing Goin’ Baby (SWE)
6.Rowing Gamblers / A Present For Tonight (SWE)
7.Caravelles / Lovin´ Just My Style (USA)
8.Mike Jones Group / Funny Feeling (CAN)
9.Don Malena and the Dry Ice / Land of Summertime (USA)
10.Essentials / Freedom (USA)
11.Barry Freeman & Strange Power /  Turn me loose (HOL)
12.Dany Martin / Er Is Geen Redden (BEL)
13.Adams Boys / Get Away From Me (GRE)
14.Lucky Alba / J’Ai L’ Habitude (BEL)
15.Shy Limbs / Trick Or Two (UK)
16.Deadwood / That Don’t Help Me None (UK)
17.John Mayall / Crawling Up A Hill (UK)
18. Chasers / Inspiration (UK)
19. The Outcats / Run Away (USA)
20.Aldermen / House Of Wax (USA)
21.21st Century / Hard Act To Follow (USA)
22.Society’s Children / Mister Genie Man (USA)
23.Pete Klint Quintet / Blue Eyed Boy (USA)
24.Morpheus / California Dreaming (HOL)
25.Karo / Dans Le Ventre D´une Enorme Baleine (CAN)


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