Playlist 12 - Tight Skirts

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Tracklist 12 / Tight Skirt



Compilado por Bongusto

1.Gene & Wendell: Tight Skirts
2.Timmy Brown: I Got Nothin´ But Time
3.Stu Gardner: Stop By Here
4.Zip And The Zippers: Where You Goin', Little Boy?
5.Little Hooks: How to Start a Romance
6.Lonnie Russ: My Wife Can´Cook
7.Kelly Gordon: Let Me Tell Ya Jack
8.Gigi: Little Bit Of Lovin´
9.Faye Adams: Step Up And Rescue Me
10.Lavern Baker: So High So Low
11.Barbara& The Browns: I Don´t Want Trouble
12.Herman Griffin: True Love
13.Wilson Pickett: I Can´t Stop
14.Joe Hinton: Better To Give Than Receive
15.Sam & Dave: She´s Alright
16.Joe Tex: Fresh Out of Tears
17.Bobby Powell with Jackie Johnson: Done Got Over
18.Bobby Bland: Yield Not To Temptation
19.Cornell Blakely:  I Want My Share
20.Dorothy Berry: I Say You´re Driving Me Crazy
21.Thurston Harris: Do What You Did
22.Linda Hopkins: Rock and Roll Blues
23.The Platters: Out Of My Mind
24.Johnny Otis: Willie Did The Cha Cha
25.Wilbert Harrison: Near To You
26.The Pyramids: Cryin´
27.The Chains: It Happens This Way
28.The Falcons: The Teacher
29.Johnny Nash: I´m Leaving


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